Collins Codec

Want to improve your game and your handles? 


Follow the Collins Codec systematic approach and dramatically increase your ball handling skills.  Having good handles really means that you can combine multiple basketball moves in one smooth possession.  It takes a lot of practice and time, but you can gain incredible skills by practicing the 10 moves outlined below.  Did you know that some of the best moves in the NBA are done with simple ball handling moves?  When you slow down the videos, you can actually decipher the entire ball handling possession into a series of  move codes.  These move codes will help to propel you into becoming a better ball handler.


Step 1:


Learn each of the 10 moves AND their number codes.  Know them by heart and be able to do the move instantly when its number is called out.


Step 2:


Combine 2 moves together.  For example, do a crossover (move # 1) and then go behind your back (move #4).


Step 3:


Combine 3-4 moves together at random and be able to flawlessly execute the move codes as they are called out (left and right hand).  For example, when the number 0-1-2-5 is called out, be able to instantly do the dance, crossover, in & around, and the spin move.


Step 4:


Dissect basketball video and decipher the move code for a ball handler.  Learn patterns that work for you and incorporate them into your game.




0: The Dance:


1: Crossover:,


2: In & Around:


3: Cross Back:  This move is similar to the “In & Out” move but has a bounce in between.  It is basically a crossover but before the ball reaches the other hand, it is pulled back to the original hand.  It is a fake crossover intended to move the defender out of the way.


4: Behind the Back:


5: Spin:


6: Step Back:  This move is a lunge forward and then a quick step back.  Its intended result is to gain distance between you and the defender in order to get a shot off.  Instead of a shot, a small pause can create the defender to leave his feet to try and block the shot and then you can drive in for a layup.


7: In-V:


8: Back V:,


9: In & Out:




Watch these NBA players execute the Collins Codec moves above.




































Next: If you like this, I have developed move codes for post players as well.